Butterfly Beach

A little to the south of Palolem in Cancona region of Goa lies the Butterfly beach. This beach, also known as Honeymoon Beach, is in the form of small cove surrounded by dense trees. It is at slightly remote and is difficult to access on foot, making it one of the most secluded and peaceful beaches in Goa. It can be reached via a ferry from the neighboring Palolem Beach.

Dolphin Sightseeing

Embark in this exciting tour of dolphin watching and get a chance to meet the friendliest creatures on earth. One hour of cruising in Arabian sea spotting dolphin is very pleasing trip. These extremely intelligent and playful mammals will delight every visitor with their antics as they play and feed in the wild. Apart from dolphin spotting the trip will also take you around Goa’s very old jail, Fort Agauda, light house and famous millionaire palace. The trip at the cost of Rs.299 is worth ta

Old Goa Architecture and museums

Compact history museum with ancient artifacts excavated in Goa, plus portraits from colonial times. The landmarks in Goa are a blend of Portuguese, Indian and Mughal styles and every street you visit, you will come across a stunning piece of architecture that reflects the state’s rich past. Here’s a rundown of some of the best architectural landmarks in Goa.

River Cruise

Whenever someone talks about Goa, it probably brings to mind sunny mornings on the beach, dancing away at wild parties and the exhilarating thrill of water sports. But this time, give a break to the beaches and head out to the river for a laidback river cruise on your next trip on the river Mandovi.

Spice Farm

A place for relaxation under the dense forest cover, an aroma of a variety of genuine spices coming from the trees grown around the farm, lots of knowledge, guidance on the tupe of species and treatment for various diseases, sumtuous lunch in traditional Goan style, and other modes of entertainment, all this and more to add to a cherishable day at Spice Farm.

Wildlife Sanctuary

The forested land provides shelter to a number of birds and animals. However, the number of animals in this sanctuary has decreased over the years. Yet one still comes across sloth bears, deer, wild boars, hyenas, and Indian bisons. Reptiles and monkeys too can be easily spotted. Birds like the rufous woodpecker, white-eyed eagle and the Malabar crested eagle form a part of the avian life that abounds here. But, apart from the animal life, the expansive forestland also comes as a welcome change.